Family Council

On October 30th, 2014 the first meeting of the Mountains and Meadows Care Group (MMCG)  Family & Friends Council was held at MLL. The council is composed of families and friends of the residents/clients of  MMCG . The Council serves as a support group as well as a liaison between families and Board/Leadership. The Council is dedicated to place emphasis on mutual support, empowerment and advocacy for the residents/clients.

Meetings are held monthly on the last Thursday of every month at 2pm. The meeting place will rotate between Mountain Lea Lodge and The Meadows Community and generally last an hour.

Our main purpose and goals are as follows:

  • To facilitate a two-way communication between family members and the facility
  • To support educational initiatives that will enhance the knowledge and understanding of the resident/client experience
  • To review and respond to all issues raised in the Council minutes
  • To work to improve the quality of life of our residents/clients
  • To act as advocates for the clients/residents
  • Provide support for families
  • Promote a positive attitude toward aging and the role of the residents’ family

For more information please email Brenda Brown.