Our Values

Caring – Residents and clients are the centre of everything we do; genuine caring and empathy and value to human life contribute to positive relationships and home-like environment.

Quality Care – Residents and clients receive the highest standard of care; effective stewardship of resources supports a focus on client/resident safety and continuous quality improvement.

Respect – Residents, clients, family and staff are treated with dignity at all times; open, honest, interpersonal communications foster trusting relationships.

Professionalism – Our employees share integrity of purpose; we work together on a cohesive team, communicating effectively and living our values as we carry out the mission of Mountain Lea Lodge and The Meadows Community.

Innovation – Our team is open to change and innovation; we are adaptable and optimistic about positive transformation; the community is a valued partner; we actively seek their input when setting future directions.


24 hour Nursing Care, Personal care, Physician Services, Basic medical supplies, Medication and Pharmacy Services, Food & Nutrition, Specialized Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Foot Care and On-site Dental care.


Leisure and Activities, Entertainment and Outings, Transportation and School Program.


Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Spiritual Care.


Fresh, Healthy home-cooked meals and snacks.

Laundry and Housekeeping

Housekeeping, Laundry/Linen and Maintenance.

Hair Care

On-site Beauty Salon.

Activity Department

The priority of the Activity Department is to provide a family home in which we endeavor to enrich the lives of the residents with compassion and tenderness.  Residents are empowered through therapeutic programming to reach their optimal level of physical, spiritual, mental and social well-being.  Residents are encouraged to be a vital part of their home and their community at large through a wide range of life-enriching programs, such as physical exercise classes, church services, intellectual and sensory activities and community outings.

The Human Services Advocate operates along with the Activity Department at Mountain Lea Lodge.  The Human Services Advocate is committed to embracing the wellness of the Body in Activities, the Mind in School, and the Spirit in out One-to-One interactions of those we swerve.  The Human Services Advocate offers a  School Program consisting of volunteer teachers who weekly teach various school subjects to the residents.  Music, Art and Drama are also a part of the Human Services programs offered to promote personal power and lifelong learning.

Mountain Lea Lodge Nursing

Mountain Lea Lodge is a level two Nursing Home, licensed under the DOH, offering a warm inviting home for people with individual needs and specialized levels of care.  Our home consists of three different wings, each able to meet the challenges and needs of our aging population, including a Special Care Unit for Dementia residents.

Mountain Lea Lodge  is supported by a large Nursing Department trained to recognize the individuality of each resident, endeavoring to meet each resident’s physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.  We are dedicated and compassionate team of RNs, LPNs and CCA/PCWs with knowledge and experience in all aspects of gerontology working together as a part of a multidisciplinary team.  We strive to maintain our philosophy to “not only add years to a person’s life but life to his/hers years”.

The Continuing Care Assistants make up the largest component of our team.  They ensure the best quality of  life and a sense of well bring by attending to the individual needs of each resident.  Our RNs and LPNs provide assistance with medication administration, wound care and diabetic management.  They offer guidance and leadership through their on-going training and education, and provide knowledge and support on an individual basis, at the same time encouraging independence.

Together with the other departments at Mountain Lea Lode, we make a wonderful team offering something special and unique with a warm family atmosphere and a place to call home.

Mountain Lea Dietary Department

We offer our residents a five-week menu cycle, Menus are prepared in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide and government food safety regulations.  Our staff takes pride in producing home-cooked meals that are nutritious and appealing, and which include as much locally produced foods as possible.

The residents are provided with three meals daily.  Meals are served at 7:45 am (breakfast), 11:40 am (lunch) and 4:45 pm (supper).  Between meal, snacks, supplements and a bedtime snack are also available if requested by the resident.

We have four dining rooms where the residents may eat their meals.  Family and friends are encouraged and supported by all staff members to join their loved ones for meals, either to assist with the feedings or to keep them company throughout the meal.

Our dietary staff includes qualified and experienced cooks and food service staff.  As well, there is a Registered Dietitian and a Foods Service Supervisor available to discuss residents’ preferences, likes/dislikes and overall dietary needs.